with a soft spot

for (emotional) Game Design.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Quantic Dream - Producer

6 month Internship

30 people

Unannounced AAA Game

I was an Associate Producer on an unannounced AAA game. I joined the project at the start of its pre-production phase.


My tasks were:

  •  Collaborating with the main producer to achieve the milestones goals
  •  Day-to-day managing of the project, with a focus on Game Design and QA
  •  Reviewing and changing the staffing plan based on necessities and analysis of competitor projects
  •  Creating automated excels to facilitate reality checks on our new staffing plans
  •  Using Jira Software to build backlogs for the 2 week sprints and several milestones, such as the First Playable Prototype
  •  Helping spread Scrum processes and best practices inside the Studio, which was not familiar with this methodology


Towards the last months of my internship I also had the opportunity to work with the team porting Detroit: Become Human to PC. I was in charge of the compatibility testing outsourcing as well as monitoring the finalization of the UI rework.


I was also in charge of reminding our too-much-work-so-little-time Producer to order lunch from time to time, just to stay alive.