with a knack

for (emotional) Game Design

Game Producer

Quantic Dream - Producer

6 month Internship

30 people

Unannounced AAA Game

I am currently an Assistant Producer on an unannounced PC/Console AAA game.

I joined the project at the start of its pre-production phase. My tasks are:


  •  Collaborating with the project Producer to achieve the milestones goals
  •  Day-to-day support in the management of the project, especially with the Game Design and QA teams
  •  Reviewing and changing the staffing plan based on necessities and analysis of competitor projects, creating excels to facilitate the process of "reality checks"
  •  Assisting in building the backlogs of every 2 week sprints and several milestones, such as the First Playable Prototype, using Jira Software
  •  Helping spread Scrum processes and best practices inside the Studio, which was not used to this methodology


I also identified one major communication issue that was slowing down the whole project. With the Producer, we worked together to find solutions and new processes to help the teams, the management and the direction toward a better communication.


I'm also in charge of reminding our too-much-work-so-little-time Producer to order lunch from time to time, just to stay alive.