with a soft spot

for (emotional) Game Design.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Café - Diorama - Artist

4 months


Art Diorama

As a Producer it is vital to be able to have a proper discussion with all the disciplines, by knowing their methods, skills and constraints.


So why not just making some 3D Art and go through every steps from start to finish in order to understand it better!


I went through many steps and softwares:

  •  Gathering references and creating moodboards
  •  3D modeling on both 3DSMax and Zbrush
  •  Working with highpolies and lowpolies
  •  Unwrapping UVs, being careful about potential stretches
  •  Creating substances and textures with Substance Designer and Substance Painter
  •  Using Marmoset to set up the assets, scene and lights for rendering shots


And I didn't just learn about the art pipeline, it also gave me the urge to work on more dioramas for personal pleasure and I even open an ArtStation to stay motivated!


You can find the full ArtStation post here.