Game Producer

with a thing

for (emotional) Game Design

Nolaroads - Assistant Producer

4 month Internship

30 people

Two Mobile Games

I was the assistant producer of the studio during the summer. We worked on two mobile games. One was in Soft Launch and the other just started its production.


  •  Day-to-day monitoring of the team, mostly on the soft launched project
  •  Managing crisis and arbitrations, both with the teams and the direction
  •  Setting up Jira Software for task management and guide the team in its use
  •  Creating new processes and documentation to ease the communication in the team
  •  Submit weekly updates on App Store Connect and Google Play Console for the game in soft launch
  •  Preparing and supervising artistic and game design meetings


During my internship my mentor and only Producer went on vacations for 3 weeks, at the time as most of our directors and leads. I had to supervise 20 people to make sure all the tasks were done for their return.


I also was in a fierce competition with the programmers and the QA to know who was the true Towerfall master!