with a soft spot

for (emotional) Game Design.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Kundalini - Programmer

2 weeks project

22 people

Emotional runner

 Kundalini is a runner aiming at a poetic yet challenging experience.

I was in a team of 22 people and very few programmers. I used this as a chance to learn a lot about programming and try new things with Unity.


I was in charge of:

  •  Making the level generation system, with a flexible script able to use any mesh of any size
  •  Making obstacles that would react as bumpers, following the game designers requirements
  •  Making the wrath management system, which modify on the level design depending on the player performances
  •  Adding gamefeel elements: item collection and their behavior as a trail, integration and tweaking of the VFXs, ...
  •  Integrating all the sounds related to gameplay events


Plus annoying our two programmers with rookie questions so I could understand their job better!