with a soft spot

for (emotional) Game Design.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Urbance - Game Designer

4 month Internship

10 people

Solo Card Game

I joined to help reboot and finish Urbance a solo card game based on an IP owned by SteamBot, a studio located in Canada.


I had to carry out several tasks, from Game Design to production management:

  •  Designing more than a third of the playable cards
  •  Tweaking and balancing the card values and abilities
  •  Working closely with the programmers to develop the AI, from design to engine integration
  •  Being in charge of the communication with SteamBot
  •  Creating and managing asset lists for SteamBot
  •  Creating an excel tool generating specific dialog IDs depending on where, when, how and who is telling the line
  •  Doing the art integration in Unity


I also helped the studio to showcase their games during the EGX 2017 in Birmingham. It was an interesting experience to participate in such event but from the developer's point of view this time.


I also learned a lot of things thanks to the people in the studio: from stuff about their works, to management and how to make the perfect BBQ!