with a knack

for (emotional) Game Design

Game Producer

Urbance - Game Designer

4 month Internship

10 people

Solo Card Game

I joined Fishing Cactus to help reboot and finish their solo card game Urbance, based on a canadian animation studio's IP. I had to carry out several tasks, from Game Design to management:


  •  Creating more than a third of the playable cards
  •  Tweaking and balancing the card values and abilities
  •  Working closely with the programmers to develop the game's AI, from design to engine integration
  •  In charge of communication with the Canadian studio
  •  Creating and managing the asset list for the Canadian Studio
  •  Creating an excel tool to ease the dialog integration by generating specific IDs for each line, depending on where, when, how and who's telling the line
  •  Doing the art integration in the engine


I helped showcase Fishing Cactus' game Shift Quantum during the EGX 2017 in Birmingham. It was an interesting experience to see an event like this from the developer's point of view.


I also learned a lot of things thanks to the people in the studio: from stuff about their works, to management and how to make the perfect BBQ!