with a soft spot

for (emotional) Game Design.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Evening - Producer / 3D Artist

5 month project

5 people

Daily relaxing experience

Evening is a session based game aiming at giving a daily relaxing moment to the player.


The game takes place in a small diorama where the player can interact with the environment: they can observe a small butterfly, play in the snow, cut tree to improve their log-cabin or fill their diary.


On this project I was the Producer and 3D Artist, plus I was usually giving a hand here and there. My main duties were:


  •  Managing the project's planning, creating and assigning tasks
  •  Being in charge of the game's scope and knowing each feature's priority
  •  Following progress of each team member, making sure no issues prevented them from working efficiently
  •  Modeling the visual assets for the outside environment
  •  Modeling and animating the main character
  •  Creating most of the 2D elements and the game's UI


Plus keeping the slack fresh and fun with random gifs from  my crazy adventures in the world of game art!