Game Producer

with a thing

for (emotional) Game Design

Evening - Producer / 3D Artist

5 month project - Standby

5 people

Daily relaxing experience

Evening in a session based game aiming at giving a relaxing moment to the player.


The game takes place in a small diorama where the player can interact with the environment: observe a small butterfly, play in the snow, cut tree to improve their log-cabin or fill their diary.


On this project I was the Producer and because of the team's size I usually had to give a hand here and there:


  •  Managing the project's planning, creating and assigning tasks
  •  Keeping the overview on the game, knowing each feature's priority
  •  Following the progress of each team member, making sure there is no issue
  •  Modeling the visual assets for the outside environment
  •  Modeling and animating the main character
  •  Creating most of the 2D elements and the UI of the game


Plus keeping the slack fresh and fun with random gifs of my crazy adventures in the world of game art!