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Art Diorama

I think that as Producer it is vital to be able to have a proper discussion with all the disciplines, by knowing their methods, skills and constraints. But after working on several projects with artists, I realized I didn't knew their pipeline that well.


So why not just making some 3D Art, going through every steps, from start to finish, in order to understand it better!


And I already went through many steps and softwares:


  •  Gathering references and creating moodboards
  •  3D modeling on both 3DSMax and Zbrush
  •  Working with highpolies and lowpolies
  •  Unwrapping UVs, being careful about potential stretches
  •  Creating substances and textures with Substance Designer and Substance Painter
  •  Using Marmoset to set up the assets, scene and lights and rendering shots


And I didn't just learn about the art pipeline, it also gave me the urge to work on more diorama for personal pleasure and I even open an ArtStation to stay motivated!