with a soft spot

for (emotional) Game Design.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Control Fanart - Unreal Engine - Artist

On going


Art Diorama

After my Parisian Café diorama, I planned on keep learning new art pipelines this time in engine. My focus is on modular assets, in game integration and lighting.


I took this opportunity to make a full room based on Control. Playing this game was a blast: the brutalist architecture, the visual aesthetic and moods stole my heart!


With this project I worked on:

  •  Creating a visual guide filled with references from the game and other inspirations
  •  3D modeling in 3DSMax focusing on a modular assets for architecture
  •  Creating materials with SubstanceDesigner to resemble the game's ones
  •  Integrating assets and materials in Unreal Engine 4  to learn the pipelines
  •  Learning in game lighting's requirements and constraints.


This project is still ongoing, all the visuals presented are Work In Progress.