Internship of 4 months at Fishing Cactus, in a team of 6 people, working in collaboration with a team of 4 people in Canada.

The project was made on Unity



This project is a solo card game based on the Canadian studio's IP.

It's aiming at casual players and fans of the license.


My Work:

I had to do several tasks, from Game Design to management.


  •  Creating more than a third of the playable cards
  •  Tweaking and balancing the cards values and capacities
  •  Working closely with the programmers to develop the game's AI, from   design to integration in the engine
  •  In charge of communication with the Canadian studio
  •  Creating and managing the asset list for the Canadian Studio
  •  Creating a tool to ease the dialogues integration by generating specific IDs depending on where, when, how and who's telling the line
  •  Doing the art integration in the engine


I helped to showcase their game Shift Quantum during the EGX 2017 in Birmingham. It was a interesting experience to see an event like this from the developer's view !


I also learned a lot of things thanks to the people in the studio. From stuff about their works, to management, to how to make the perfect BBQ!



I'm waiting for the game to be released to show some proper pictures!