An ongoing School project, with a team of 5 people. It will be released on Steam during February.

The project was made with Unity.


I'm currently in charge of the project management and half of the visual production. I also work on the global game design.



Evening in a session based game aiming at giving a relaxing moment to the player.


The game takes place in a small diorama. The player can interact with the environment: observe a small butterfly, play with the snow, cut tree to improve their log-cabin and fill their diary.


My Work:

On this project I have very specific tasks but because of the size of the team, I usually have to give a hand here and there:

  •  Managing the project's planning, create and assign the various tasks
  •  Keeping the overview on the game, knowing each feature's priorities
  •  Following the progress of each team member, making sure there is no issue
  •  Modeling the visual assets for the outside environment
  •  Modeling and animating the main character


Plus keeping the slack fresh and fun with random gif of my crazy adventures in the world of game art !