with a soft spot

for (emotional) Game Design.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Black Hive - Producer

9 month project

10 people

Asymetrical multiplayer

Black Hive is an asymmetrical multiplayer confrontation game and my graduation project at Supinfogame. I was the full-time producer of our 10 people team, including 2 Sound Designers working remotely.


I was in charge of:

  •  Day-to-day monitoring of the team's tasks
  •  Creating and adjusting plannings based on the team velocity and school deadlines
  •  Setting and iterating on several processes to best fit the team's needs, like a "vision board", game reviews, 1on1 meetings, ...
  •  Planning and supervising a the weekly sprints
  •  Monitoring the sprint progress with Jira Software
  •  Setting up Jira projects for 5 other teams and helping them when needed
  •  Being in charge of the external Sound Designers and making sure they had all the information and feedback required for them to work efficiently


I also took the duty of doing most of the documents asked by the school and all of the presentations for our three main Juries.


I was one of the two Ubers of the team, usually driving one or two people back to their home after a good day of work!