with a knack

for (emotional) Game Design

Game Producer

Syberia 3 - Game Designer

2 month Internship

14 people

Adventure puzzle game

I had the chance to do my first internship on a big project like Syberia 3, inside a well established company. Since the team was quite small, I had the opportunity to help on different levels:


  •  Formalization of most of the Game Design documents
  •  Making behavior documents for the several puzzles, to ease the puzzle integraton for the programmers
  •  Checking and adjusting the animation and asset lists
  •  Submitting gameplay and level design ideas for three puzzles
  •  Helping the Game Artist from the core team with finding reference pictures
  •  Answering level designer's questions
  •  Discovering the video game industry from the inside: from its constraints, processes and organization.


Two weeks before the end of my internship, the lead Game Designer went on vacation and left me in charge. I had to answer the questions of the studio working with us, take notes of their feedback and making sure the tasks were properly done.