with a soft spot

for (emotional) Game Design.

Currently living in Stockholm.

Among the Waves - Vision Owner

1 month pre-production

3 people

Personal experience

Among the Waves is a game concept for an immersive and reflective experience about challenges, doubts, failures and overcoming them.


The player controls a small boat endlessly pushed forward by the river's flow. Their goal is to avoid obstacles along the way, representing the challenges we encounter in life. My purpose was to create a change of mind inside the player, making them realize failures and challenges are important and can lead to unexpected yet satisfying paths.


My role was to:

  •  Maintaining the creative vision of the project
  •  Organizing the team planning for a month in order to have: a small gameplay trailer, a first draft of the art direction and a 20 minutes presentation
  •  Designing meaningful gameplay features to convey a message and feelings


  You can download the presentation here.